CAD/CAM Systems

A special care was dedicated to personnel selection in order to ensure the necessary expertise and knowledge for future developments.
NASDIS personnel is very well trained in Tribon, Autocad, Nupas/Cadmatic, Plantspace, PDMS and other additional software packages. Also having the ability to operate with other integrated software after a short period of training, is a major advantage.

NASDIS is well experienced in managing big jobs shared by multiple players, using different tools. Emphasis is always placed on the interface management procedures. We are producing complete 3D models or just segments of the model depending on the client requirements.

There is an extensive experience delivering NC output for different cutting machines / different shipyards, whereby the cutting files are customized accordingly (ESSI standard code).
NASDIS has also produced and implemented a software interface between the design system (Tribon) and a pipe cutting machine, successfully operating in Aker Braila shipyard.

Please see the Software Solutions page for details.